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Why Work With Anna

Because the Mind Can Be

Like a Speeding Train. 

Slowing it Down is Anna's Forte.

Image by Dustin Humes

Anna's Neurological Approach

Annas Neuroscience Head.png

Having completed thousands of clinical hours, constant preparation and continued self evaluation I am a consummate professional who brings my heart, mind and being to session. Authenticity and direction in therapy with faith and hope for the human spirit to rise above all challenges can yield life altering change.

Anna's Approach Blends Science  With Emotional Control

A Key First Step is Acknowledging Who or What Has Run Away With Your Mind

Anna's Focused Areas

Image by Alexander Mils

Life Pillars Including Financial Wellness

Life is a balancing act of accomplishments. When we examine both our successes and mistakes we pave the way to change. Change is empowering, energizing and enlightening. By holding oneself accountable you will become the best self you can imagine.

Image by Sandy Millar

Grief Counseling With a  Scientific Approach

Grief is both psychological and physical.  Human biology is paramount to understanding the psychology of our being. Integrated psychology with animal anatomy for in depth understanding of loss. Life is a story of loss.

Image by Giorgio Trovato

Curing Anxious Minds of Anxiety & Depression

Addressing different approaches to anxiety and having the courage to walk with fear.  We go through it all rather than ‘getting over it’ because getting over it only masks what can be triumphantly conquered. 

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You'll Experience
Remarkable Transformations

In this ever changing world of uncertainty therapy can bring certainty and reliability in each uniquely modeled session. Becoming more conscious of your thoughts, finding beauty in the small things that matter and always good self care promoting real living.

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